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Dec 4, 2012 12:30am PST
. they touch us for reasons we cannot articulate. i don't know why bobby touched me, his name was little devil but i never wanted to call him by that name. i think about his personality and that maybe the reason. he was 14 years old and had been abused, and was in foster placement with his hat -- aunt. i fell in love with him in the most proper, loving, in the most big sister way. i would say to him, with all the ignorance of the young social worker, i will always be here for you, always. always. it was a friday night, and i had gone on a string of disasters states, this was in the 1980's. we hooked up, but said we didn't. it was 2:00am and i was getting home. i lived in venice, california. the rent was affordable. but this was to in the morning. the house had a wraparound porch. i was walking up to my house, and there was a shadowy figure on the porch. i did what any concert -- god- fearing a young woman did. i reached for my can of mace, and i was prepared. i looked at the chateau -- shadow, and i heard the voice and knew it was bobby. with all the sensitivity of a new social worker i said,
Dec 9, 2012 10:00am PST
it exciting and accessible to the community. our guests is the oakland's ballet principal and bobby, internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer. i had a chance to meet you a couple years ago. i have been hooked ever since. i loved your production of the nutcracker. you are with the ballet but it does a lot of stuff. >> we're doing much more than the nutcracker. clearly it is our focus this time of the year, getting the students ready and working with the orchestra and main focus right now, we have ongoing saturday ballet classes. we have a program in the spring and we have a two week summer program for young dancers held at north college. >> cheryl: i know you have programs that are accessible to the community? >> one of the reasons i found the company is so passionate, we have 1400 students coming to dress rehearsal and given more than thousand tickets away to schools. >> cheryl: for those that don't know, how about the music. >> many people have a great familiarity with it. i never had to dance in the piece. when i came to choreograph i was in love with every second. it's.
Dec 24, 2012 8:00am PST
, later bobby kennedy. what that war helped to destroy: the hopes, the dreams and aspiration of so many people. war is bloody. it's messy. amy goodman: and so, today, the war in afghanistan, the drone war that president obama is conducting in pakistan, in yemen, in other places, with the "kill list," that the times called it, that he personally keeps and names the people he puts on the list-your thoughts? rep. john lewis: well, i think it's time for us to end, end the efforts in afghanistan. we cannot justify the killing of people that we don't see. about't know anything them, or very little. war is not the answer. war is obsolete. it cannot be used as a tool of our foreign policy. it's barbaric. someplace, somehow, people must come to that point and say, "i ain't gonna stay the war no more." amy goodman: have you talked to president obama about this? rep. john lewis: i have not had an opportunity. but i've spoken out on the floor of the house against the war in afghanistan, as i did against the war in iraq. amy goodman: you voted in-three days after september 11, 2001, to give presiden
Dec 25, 2012 8:45pm EST
especially bobby kennedy to get to the term to get rid of fidel castro. so he was recruited to the agency and he was trained in demolition in france by the cia officers, he was trained in the secret writing and he was their greatest hope to assassinate castro. >> he turned out to be a double agent. he was working for fidel castro all along. the cia did not know this. the kennedys did not notice pittard i approved this i think beyond a reasonable doubt. i have sources from the cuban intelligence that sought documents in havana that proved this and there are declassified cia documents that give me the added assurance that he was a double agent working for fidel. he knew there for not only that the cia was trying to kill castro, but that bobby kennedy and therefore jack kennedy or behind the plodding. >> did you ever meet with him? >> i interviewed him in miami a few years ago. he shared some introspection with me. i asked him in particular why did you want to meet bobby kennedy? he told the cia candler by the way, he told the handler i want to meet with bobby kennedy. i want to hear from hi
Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
and paul ryan. >> what about chris christie and bobby jindal? >> christie is in temporary quarantine because of his behavior in the last week of the election. he is in talk. -- detox. >> detox on the jon stewart show. >> you have bobby jindal, kelly ayotte, ted cruz -- unless you are barack obama, you don't imagine yourself as president before you even serve in this and it. [laughter] he will have to wait. obama, of course, is the one exception. but this is a strong young outfield. mitch daniels and in jeb bush on the outside. what this tells you is what could have been in 2012. you remember the line of it republican candidates earlier this year, it was not exactly a credit to the party. and 20 debate heard them. -- hurt them. >> the quarantined governor christie and the new jersey has a 72% favorable job rating among his constituents, the highest ever recorded by quinnipiac -- i mean, of any governor of any state. whenever republicans have done to shun him has worked very well in the garden state. [laughter] >> what about some of these other names? another democratic name? joe biden
Dec 4, 2012 1:30am PST
're going to go to some of your questions. the first one is from georgia. what happened to bobby? was he prosecuted for the drive- by shooting? >> when i tell the story, i had asked this. before i answer the question, i want to thank all of the panelists. that was not meant to be hostile so much as to say, we all need to listen to one another. what he said about what happens when the camera is turned off, that is the most important work you're going to do. what happened to bobby? it is an interesting story. needless to say, i intervened and i was young and what i did not know intellectually, i made up for in energy. i intervened on the basis that he was a child that had been subjected to incredible abuse. he was very much a kid and the child welfare system. it happens too many violent youth. i intervened, and he was never prosecuted. he was 14 years old, he was put into what would be thought of now has a psychiatric facility. it was a child psychiatric facility. he underwent all kinds of treatment, training, came out, went back to school. it really went through recovery. and then graduat
Dec 24, 2012 11:00pm EST
in beach and she with you about 95 she was still glad now. everyone in palm beach shunned her. but bobby kennedy cited, our fathers said that we are led to play with you. >> i wish you had told me that before. yeah, it it brings two. it makes perfect sense because nobody liked the kennedys in palm beach. and kennedy at that time said the with you. we'll make our own way and he did. he did his own entertaining in his own house when he wanted to go to bradley's, which was the casino, the best food in palm beach. the question is, did kennedy mary rose fitzgerald because she was the daughter? to heed court earthquakes did he make her his girlfriend and go wild with her and marry her because her father was the mayor. yes and no. she was the most eligible girl. she was smart, she was pretty, she's vivacious. she had this carefree attitude. she was an extraordinary young woman and i think kennedy was drawn to her and kennedy knew -- i don't know what came first, the kennedy certainly knew that his girlfriend was the mayor's daughter said that by marrying rose, he was going to client a step. one
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2012 3:00pm EST
today, but what's find out what levels traders watching with the move. joining me now, bobby heller from on point executions. pulledded him off the floor right here to our data wizard, and let's pick up on the s&p because that's what traders look at. what do you see and looking at as far as levels are concernedded. >> we broke through a 200 day moving averages last week with the great up days everybody's talking about to kind of a round number, and we're there's a bias to continue the uptrend, and people who are afraid with the fiscal cliff negotiations or nonnegotiations. there's bumps up and down, today, back and forth cross zero 70 or 80 times. >> especially when you look, the dow, a picture of how many times this stock has moved just across the flat line. it's just unbelievable. it's really quite stunning there, because when ou look at, @%ll, you know it's not working. i don't know if we can effectuate that. >> people are uncertain or they are certain, and that the market's in balance right now. i don't know. it's happy news, somewhat balanced. >> there's u.s. dollar weakness latel
Dec 29, 2012 2:05am EST
for sales. that's part of bobbie's work, though. that's a lot of days. >> 81 days? think how much more life i'm living than you. i hear everybody complaining about how many e-mails they get. i don't get one. >> you know what, it's got to be freeing because often you feel guilty about things you haven't returned. e-mails you haven't gotten back to. >> think of all the guilt i don't have. speaking of which, the new sex therapy, i have no guilt over this at all either. blame it on "shades of gray." i'm the only one who didn't read it. >> sex therapists are different now. this isn't ian turner. although i bet ian would do it for you. >> this is weird. you're supposed to get intimate with your loved one in front of the sex therapist so that the sex therapist can coach you while you're doing it. to tell you what you should be doing to spice it up with toys or -- >> this is the holiday season and there are children watching. >> sorry. i said toys. but some people do it with skype. they do. >> or they will be delighted to come to the hotel room with you or to your bedroom. >> but you know, can i sa
Dec 12, 2012 6:00am PST
seat skpld serve for nearly five decades. brother bobby was elected to serve as new york's carpet bagging senator at the time. so he was accused of. the second generation served in the house of representative with bobby's son, joe spending a dozen years and patrick serving ai eight terms before retiring. with teddy's death in 2009 and patrick's decision not to run again, congress has been without a member of the kennedy family for about two years. it seems fitting that there is a look out about his namesake called the patriarch, the remarkable and tush lept times of joseph p kennedy. dave nassau, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the complicated political beginnings of joseph p kennedy, where to begin. i want to start with deal with his wealth. how did he accumulate and how much did he marry into and how much did he accumulate on his own and did he do it fully legally? >> cheer to it fully legally, but on the margins. the outer margins of legality. he was a brilliant, brilliant stock manipulator. when he went to hollywood where he was for two years, he headed four different
Dec 12, 2012 11:00am PST
and rejects. i will talk to bobby gauche. a "wall street journal" poll being released tonight, the question, do you think leaders in congress should compromise or stick to their positions when it comes to the budget deficit? that is the question. how would you answer? we will show you the results of our poll. i will show you the conversations on twitter. it's on tamronhall. the holidays are here and we're here with cyreeta talking about the walmart low price guarantee. that's your receipt from another store? it is! let's put it to the test. alright! that's walmart's everyday low price. get out! ok, but i'm taking these! ready? yes. there you have it! that much? that's the walmart low price guarantee. see for yourself. bring in your last receipt and see how much you can save. be ready. with the season's tastiest brands. like nestle toll house morsels. bake the very best this season. walmart has everything you need to be ready for holiday hosting. with our low price guarantee backed by ad match. walmart. >>> welcome back for the first time. president obama formally recognized a coalition of s
Dec 23, 2012 6:00pm EST
worked with bono and we've got these issues. so i hung up on bobby and then i called my sister maria and i said i know she's written five best seller books and she's out in california so i call her up and she says the invited me to give that stock and i said what are you talking about i've written five best-selling books and i went to georgetown, georgetown is better than the holy cross, so i hung up on her. i didn't call anybody else, but i am very happy that i was chosen it was an honor to be back at this institution and i want to thank you the congressman mcgovern. that was also a joke. i made that up. [laughter] the congressman and the fact i had the honor of being with that george mcgovern speak of 90th birthday party a number of months ago and where is the congressman governor? with no relationship to george mcgovern spoke very eloquently of senator mcgovern's life and he followed him and he spoke beautifully about what it meant to be an american and what it meant to make a commitment to this company in times of war as he did in world war ii but also in times of peace so i want
Dec 24, 2012 1:00am EST
the commissioners all said he is a good solid democrats and now was the time. they did not know the bad bobby kennedy that i call him then, they were making fun of the commission. they are recommending this? there were not hostile to civil rights. the problem was the committees of congress were controlled by democrats from the south. mcclellan, and mississippi, they control the judiciary committee and judicial appointments. so it has been a friendly reception. but the administration would take the recommendations to incorporate them later on but intel and they were simply being polite that these people think we will do this. we cannot do this. so they found out they tried to cooperate but the independence that made them the independent voice was important and they should not try to be friendly. their job was to be a watchdog and they learned that than kennedy was assassinated and then because of the civil-rights movement with a proposed with legislation with the civil-rights act was enacted into law the. >>host: at what point* did you become aware of the civil-rights commission? >>guest: i be
Dec 31, 2012 8:30am EST
on the jewish high holy days, and everyone in palm beach shunned her. but bobby kennedy came and said our father said that we're allowed to play with you. >> yeah. i wish you had told me that before. [laughter] yeah, it rings true. it makes sense. it makes perfect sense because nobody liked the kennedys in palm beach, no. and kennedy at that time said the hell with you, you know? we'll make our own way. and he did. he did his own entertaining in his, you know, in his own house when he wanted to. and he went to bradley's which was the casino that he claimed has the best food in palm beach. the question is, the question is did kennedy marry rose fitzgerald because she was the daughter, did he court her, did he make her his girlfriend and go out with her and then marry her because her father was the mayor? yeah. yes and no. he was the most -- you know, she was the most eligible girl. she was smart, she was pretty, she was vivacious, she had this carefree attitude, she was an extraordinary young woman. and i think kennedy was drawn to her. and kennedy knew, you know, i don't know what came first, bu
Dec 1, 2012 6:30am PST
marco rubio is absolutely right, and i think bobby jindal says it exactly the right way also a few weeks ago. you know, voters want to vote for somebody that likes them. we need to have the right policy, but we also need to have the right tone, the right message and the right messenger. the truth is we didn't have that in this election, but i think there are people like a marco rubio, like a bobby jindal and a jeb bush who do understand, who are going to put effort and the long-term campaign outreach for hispanic voters, and i think the best thing we can do, christine, is solve the immigration issue. remove it as a wedge issue that is used by both sides. right now the immigration issue is a wedge issue that democrats have effectively used as a political tool in campaigns to, you know, to divide republicans from latinos and to make it so that it becomes impossible for republicans to talk about the rest of the agenda because latinos feel that, you know, immigration is being spoken in a hostile antagonistic tone. that's got to change completely. >> i agree with you completely on the immigra
Dec 2, 2012 11:00am EST
:we want you to take a look at bobbi, we do bring in male models. many of you or shaving all of the take a look at do you see how. he is? he is? these are patches from last time. it is 50 percent gone. >>guest: this is where the light went off. i was selling this in canada, a male model came in and did the same thing. back for six- eight weeks. i saw the pair had come back. --hairhad come back but was halfway done. gone. you can do this as often as you need to. >>host: with continued use you will see what the male model did.sure there will be more regressed but this is six weeks of using the no! no! and then six weeks of doing nothing-- regrowth.. imagine what you would look like after six weeks of doing nothing. eventually it will be less than this. (...) you will finally be free from unwanted hair. now we have another phone call. >>caller: hello. >>host: how are you? >>caller: i am great, i wanted to share6 c13 watching no! no! for months now idered this last month.i am jealous i do not have a case but i do have the leopard print. i have tried this my last on imported by
Dec 9, 2012 7:00pm EST
home and everyone in palm beach shunned her but bobby kennedy came in and sit our fathers said we are about to play with you if >> i wish you told me that before. yeah, it rings true. it makes sense, it makes perfect sense because nobody liked it. the kennedys in palm beach now, and kennedy had that time said the hell with it. we will make our own way, and we did. he did his own entertaining it in his own house when he went to bradley's which was the casino she claimed had the best food in palm beach. the question is did kennedy married rose fitzgerald because she was the daughter, that he called her, did he make her his girlfriend and go out with her and then marry her because her father was there? yes and no. she was deemed most eligible. she was smart, pretty, vivacious, she had this carefree attitude. she was an extraordinary young woman, and i think kennedy was drawn to her and i don't know what came first but kennedy certainly knew that his girlfriend was the mayor's daughter. for a long time he didn't want them to be married and not because joe kennedy didn't have a bright
Dec 25, 2012 10:00pm EST
. bobbie at one point when jack was so low his wife reports that he was crying, sobbing, he said let's call dad and make him feel better. they got on the phone and said this is a disaster. jack, bobby come it's good that you got this in your presidency. by 1964 no one will remember it. and you did the right thing by saying -- by taking full responsibility and apologizing to every one of the american people. the american people will forgive you. he said the poll will rise. it will be okay. and they hung up the phone and felt better and they did rise and his presidency, that was the leader of the presidency. >> samuel adams was such a revolutionary leader and so was his cousin john. can you tell us about the different styles of leadership and the different approaches to the issues of the day or how they thought the movement should go forward towards independence? >> the truth is it was a lull easier for john adams because of what sam adams had done before him, and sam adams had been called by a number of people the actual father of the country because he was the chief spokesperson and policym
FOX Business
Dec 14, 2012 7:00pm EST
the tragedy. here are some of their names and what they said. congressman bobby rush said lawmakers can no longer be held hostage by those who are opposed to reasonable gun control laws. congressman eliot engel of new york, the fact that we cannot pass sensible gun control in this congress is a blot on her reputation. and congressmen jerry nadler saying that now is not the time to have a serious discussion about and control, if not now, when would it be? at least 20 members of congress reacting with calls to restrict constitutional rights to bear arms. all over those calls coming from members of the democratic party. here is the number who chose to talk about mental illness. the disaffection of the mentally disturbed and ill. the importance of a strong family and how better to protect our schools, the burnable and helpless children with in those classrooms. those who threaten the safety of her children while at school. we begin with a september 11, murder of four americans in benghazi. susan rice yesterday withdrew her name from consideration to be secretary of state. the move comes aft
FOX Business
Dec 7, 2012 3:00pm EST
to the floor show. bobby, i want to start with this jobs number today. the labor department says no affect on sandy. there was some data that pointed to the fact that people were leaving the workforce because of sandy. >> the numbers speak for themselves. i do not think the full effects can be known until maybe a couple of weeks. there certainly are people that cannot go to work and have been laid off because businesses are out. there are all sorts of new jobs that have sprung up. i may head down there and start looking for a job myself. cheryl: construction, there was a loss of 20,000. most of us expected a little bit of a game and that ector. >> maybe it will take a little bit longer to give up. my brother is still out of his house. they cannot get anyone to do work on it yet. cheryl: let's go over to the cme. i know that metals has been a big focus for a lot of traders today. what are you watching? >> just the price action in gold. it really gives the feedback. people, you know, maybe a risk on trade. it jumps back to the 17th 04 daily highs. that makes me believe i want to belong befo
FOX News
Dec 2, 2012 3:00am PST
at today. and now you're protected. >> three years ago, bobby dixon was in a life threatening motorcycle accident. it was so bad when medics arrived they did not think he would survive the ambulance ride. his father robert was all the way in shanghai, china on a business trip when he got word and flew immediately back to the u.s. and when he arrived. bobby was in a coma that lasted three weeks. and when he broke up, his dad dropped everything to make sure his son could fully recover. that father and son join us to share their story in the newly released book, looking forward a father and son's journey to healing. good morning. >> good morning. >> alisyn: great to meet you, bobby and great to see you again, bob. we should let our viewers know, they might recognize you, you were on "fox & friends" three times in the past couple of years. >> three times. >> alisyn: when you were talking about work to help vets you didn't share were you in the middle of a crisis. take us back to three years ago, were you in china and your wife called. christy called and said there had been an acci
Dec 1, 2012 1:00pm PST
in congressman bobby rush. he is a democrat from illinois's first district, also a friend and colleague of jesse jackson jr. first of all, let me just start with how is congressman jackson doing right now? >> well, i think that he is progressing. he is very ill. he understands that he is ill. he knows what he has to do in order to get to the next level. and he is trying tenaciously to get to the next level. >> i also understand that you spoke to him just before he resigned. what did he tell you? >> well, basically, he said that -- he said bobby, you know, i don't think i'll be there with you. i can't make it happen. i need to focus all of my energies, all of my intention on my health. and so i will in a few minutes, he will be issuing my letter of resignation. >> did he speak at all of the federal investigation? >> no. he didn't mention it at all. and frankly, i wasn't looking for him to mention it. to me, his priority is his health. once he gets his health situation, once he gets that where it should be. >> yeah. >> and then other matters will come into play. and i think that he will be able to
Dec 20, 2012 2:00pm PST
was stunned to see bobby casey, the senator from pennsylvania, who is a classic pennsylvanian, in the past he's received a b plus or an a rating from the nra. he tolded philadelphia enquirer he will come back for -- coming out for a new assault weapons ban and legislation banning high round magazines. he said his decision amounted to being summoned by your conscience. he said his wife had pressed him to rethink his position on gun safety in the wake of newtown. he said the power of the weapon, the number of bullets that hit each child, that was so, to me, just so chilling, it haunts me. it should haunt every public official. if those two bills come before the senate i will vote for both. these a risky strong position by bob casey. >> he's not the only one. joe manchin, the senator from west virginia on monday was saying this has changed his thinking. of course, these are two democrats -- >> but manchin hasn't said he will vote for these two bills. bobby casey said he will. it's different to have conversations, another to make a commitment. >> i think there will be more and more lawmakers who
Dec 3, 2012 8:00am EST
hot. you do you know how hot a traditional like bobbie? >>caller: i do because i just changed 1 -- how a traditional light bulb is? >>host: thank you 1-866-376-8255 >>host: thank youg out so early >>caller: i have had bad elegies so i am not getting much sleep >>host: i hope you feel better. have a good day. she does move in a new who was $200 to spend on electrician? >>guest: not going to go into my attic without this. you can take this out of the holster and what it to where you are. there is usually a light to the attic but for some reason you have everything in the back of the attic. you can take this with you. >>host: you can take it with you it is super bright, butit will stay cool and it is not dangerous. >>guest: i will be back tomorrow >>host: is the only visit of the day but never have information on the spot light. [♪ music ♪] >>host: in the spotlight on what to tell you about what these the smartest way to shop with the hsn card or mastercard. we did have great benefits like savings and flex payment. no annual fee so that makes it can just app
FOX Business
Dec 16, 2012 2:00am EST
bobby rush said lawmakers can no longer be held hostage by those who are opposed to reasonable gun control laws. congressman eliot engel of new york, the fact that we cannot pass sensible gun control in this congress is a blot on her reputation. and congressmen jerry nadler saying that now is not the time to have a serious discussion about and control, if not now, when would it be? at least 20 members of congress reacting with calls to restrict constitutional rights to bear arms. all over those calls coming from members of the democratic party. here is the number who chose to talk about mental illness. the disaffection of the mentally disturbed and ill. the importance of a strong family and how better to protect our schools, the burnable and helpless children with in those classrooms. those who threaten the safety of her children while at school. we begin with a september 11, murder of four americans in benghazi. susan rice yesterday withdrew her name from consideration to be secretary of state. the move comes after weeks of criticism over comments that she made regarding the attac
FOX Business
Dec 16, 2012 2:30am EST
, some decent interval, after it took place, reiterating his preface for gun control. bobby rush, who defeated the president, angela, is crying for gun control in chicago where -- the murder capital of the country which has thee most stringent gun control laws of any city in the country, and that's madness. >> it is madness right now. i an, dc, in this city, proven that gun bans don't decrease crime, but increase crime. gun bans, lou, make law-abiding citizens less armed and criminals armed who don't buy by the law. the guns criminals use don't get them at gun shows; they are legal guns they use. lou: the idea that gun control is the solution, the response, and the fact chicago, the murder capital of the world, people are reagenting and not talking about why are we not protecting our young,our vulnerable in public schools. why not securi? they could be volunteers, paid security officers. they could be police, law enforcement officers. why not that discussion? >> i don't like the response at all, but something like this happens, the media says what can we do to stop this right now? tha
Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
homicide vices are being railroad. 16-year-old bobby sartane and 16-year-old racquel were shot and killed thanksgiving weekend. there -- police are still investigating the case. >> a house fire in hayward was quickly extinguished this morning. it took crews an hour to put out the fire. a family that lived there had recently moved out. there's no indication the five-was suspicious. >> falling off the fiscal cliff and what it could mean for your money and what you eat. >> and gearing up for the biggest day of the year. what's ahead if you're expecting a package this week. >> i'm meteorologist sandy patel. to record high temperatures today bu >> fans going to the 49ers today got a chance to make a child's christmas the best ever. members of operation dream called out for donated toysle the dry drive is partnered by the 49ers and the san francisco police department. even a small gift makes all the difference. >> kids need to know that people care about them. they need to know it's so much bigger than where they live. there's a whole world out there that they get to experience, and so when the
Dec 16, 2012 6:30pm PST
has made admissions connecting the trio to the murder. 16-year-old bobby and 15-year- old raquel of san leandro were shot and killed on november 25th. berkeley might join alameda county in an effort to become a no-drone zone. this would prevent law enforcement from using the unmanned planes. some complain the drones are an invasion of privacy. the committee is expected to hold a public hearing next month to discuss buying a surveillance drone with adds 31,000 grant. >>> our next round of rain is making its way into the bay. that means a winter storm warning is in effect for the sierra. snow level down to around 3,000 feet in effect through monday night. could see one to two feet above 5,000 feet, and some windy, gusty conditions overnight. what this means for the weather here in the bay area coming up after the break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> julie is in forecasting rain. guess what, it is going to get colder. >> it feels like december. >> it does. >> i was in san jose this weekend. it's so much colder south bay than it is by the bay. it has been chilly. this is just the beginning.
Dec 14, 2012 11:00pm PST
. >> you always believe it's not going to happen here. >> reporter: dr. bobby lambert knows better. a workplace psychologist she handled the aftermath of one of the major mass shootings of our time, the 93 massacre at 101 street in san francisco. since then she says mass shootings have become down right common place. >> we're seeing more of it and i think it's more of our culture today in a way that it never had been. >> reporter: it's why lambert advocates live shooter training at schools and work places, like this one at a south san francisco school a few years ago, one man acting as a shooter and students and teacher taking cover. >> it helps them like a fire drill. so if there is a fire or a shooter in the building, you know where to go and hide. >> reporter: she says from reports, it's clear the teachers reacted swiftly, hiding children in closets and classrooms and leading them out of the school and in to a nearby fire department, moves that likely saved lives. >> from what i'm hearing they did a really incredible, incredible job. >> we have continuing coverage of the tragedy
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm PST
to death near brook dale park. the service will be held in oakland. 16-year-old bobby will be remembered on saturday. they were shot as many as 36 times. no arrests have been made. >>> the body after man found in an alameda grocery store parking lot was identified. he was in a car outside of knob hill foods. now alameda investigators are trying to figure out how he died and where he used to live. >>> we have new information about a former albany middle schoolteacher who killed himself after being accused of sex crimes. according to unsealed documents james edges changed flirtatious teakses and videos with a student. he kissed and fondled a student on several occasions on many occasions. they arrested him after they searched his home. he committed suicide a tuesdays later. the investigation is still ongoing. >>> a surgeon has taken a leave of absence in the midst of malpractice accusations. according to the newspaper, he is accused of performing experiments on dying brain cancer patients. they banned that doctor and another doctor from doing anything on human subjects. four malpractice ca
Dec 12, 2012 9:00am PST
. the right kind of spray and bobby pins and the ability to wrap your hair around your finger, done, no heat, no damage, and a great holiday 'do. >>> a lot of people freaking out aboutecember 21st, and the world coming to an end. rainn wilson. is asking people to submit a response video talking about their doomsday bunkers. their three favorite personal objects that you'd have with you in your doomsday bunker. to see it, head to "right this minute" and click on best of "rtm." >>> exciting to see sightings of santa and his elves and you also see sightings of the grinch. >> oh. >> i don't like him. >> here comes one in an suv pulling up to a grocery store in maine. he gets out of his suv. disappears from the camera briefly. >> opens up his fly? >> and later comes back with this. >> the christmas tree? >> the giving tree. >> one of the trees that you can hang on. tags that tell you what needy people need. can you pull a tag off, buy something for them. no gifts were stolen. but the tree was placed outside the market so people could help donate. now organizers don't know who needs what, who gets
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm PST
identified. but are said to be two men and a boy. 15-year-old raquel grassle and 16-year-old bobby sarsane were gunned down november 25 near brookdale park. no motive has been mentioned. >>> a proposal to expand a sikh temple in fremont is drawing complaints from some neighbors. the tem system located on gurdwar road in the niles district. temple leaders want to expand the facility from 28,000 square feet to 41,000 square feet. but some neighbors say traffic and parking are already a big problem because of the temple. fremont city is expected to vote on the expected expansion at a january 24 meeting. >>> a public hearing tonight will be held in san mateo about the future of a new 711 store. last night, a small group of protesters picketed outside the 711 on north san mateo drive. they're worried about the noise and traffic in the area. and they say because of zoning laws, the city should have never given the store a permit to open earlier this month. >> the 711 is parachuted in against the city's own laws and that's why we're here. we believe the city has actually not followed its own laws
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm PST
sabado sera el funeral de bobbie sartain de 16 anos de edad en la capilla colonial de esa ciudad... ---mientras que el domingo de once de la manana a las cuatro de la tarde, se realizara el funeral de raquel gesrstel de 15 anos en la funeraria coopers de la avenida fruitvale... ---hasta la fecha no hay detenidos por estos dos asesinatos... cesar ---el departamento de policia de san jose, take vo ---anuncio la detencion de rebecca michelle villanueva de 23 anos y residente de san jose, como principal sospechosa de haber asesinado al adolescente daniel capetillo el pasado 30 de noviembre sobre la avenida pacific... ---de acuerdo a los detectives de la unidad antipandillas villanueva no actuo sola y que hay sospechosos adicionales que todavia no han sido identificados... ---si usted tiene informacion, comuniquese con las autoridades... cesar ---la pareja acusada de asesinar a una maestra jubilada de hercules, comparecio hoy ante un tribunal... take vo ---susie ko de 55 anos de edad fue asesinada en su propio hogar el pasado cinco de octubre, y la fiscalia asegura que darnell washing
Dec 6, 2012 1:00am PST
john stone, don garrigan. >>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is bobby powell. i've been a member of local 16. i've been assigned as a steward for the last five years with outside lands. to make it short and sweet, i'm very much in favor of this extension and i support everything that they've been doing for the last five years and i'd love to see it continue. thank you. >> thank you. >>> hi, my name is ken besser, i'm a resident of the city and county of san francisco. i live in mount davidson. i actually represent a business locally here called cresco equipment, we've been in the office [speaker not understood]. we supply the equipment for it, done it for many years. happy with the process. we employ a lot of people that live in the county of san francisco. we sure hope you continue this kind of public private alliance that brings money to the extent and employs local people. thank you. >>> arian miller, long-time resident of the outer sunset, president of speak. i am very concerned about the access to the park and the fencing issue, it really has gone through the cracks. i think
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